Consent & Release

Pets are accepted for grooming only under the following circumstances:

  1. The pet is fit and healthy, Grooming which takes place on an elderly or infirm pet will be at the owner’s risk. Grooming may expose pre-existing health\skin conditions for which YXE Pet Parlour cannot be held liable.
  2.  The pet’s rabies vaccine is up to date (as required by law) unless otherwise discussed. It is strongly suggested that pets be vaccination for Kennel Cough and Parvo Virus as well.
  3.  In the event of an emergency, in your absence, you authorize YXE Pet Parlour to contact the nearest Veterinarian and authorize the Vet to treat the pet as necessary at your expense.
  4.  Payment is to be made at the time of service. Payment can be cash or debit/credit card. Our rates are based on the breed of the pet and duration of the groom. Nail cutting and ear cleaning are part of the service unless the process is too stressful for the pet or too dangerous for the groomer.
  5.  We do NOT offer anal gland expression, as this should be performed by a licensed veterinarian.
  6.  “De-matting” or complete coat removal will dramatically alter your pet’s appearance. This procedure may expose pre-existing health\skin problems for which YXE Pet Parlour cannot be held liable.
  7. You allow YXE Pet Parlour to take photo of your pet to show quality of groom and may be used on social media, website or brochures.
  8. It is considered a “no-show” when the client is not available at the scheduled appointment time and does not contact the groomer to cancel or reschedule. We reserve the right to put the client on a ”do not book” list if you are a repeat offender. Please make every effort to call and cancel or reschedule when possible to avoid such situations. Our cancellation policy is 24 hours notice. If you do not contact us to cancel your appointment or do not show for your appointment, you will be charged for 50% of the missed appointment.
  9. Your appointment will be cancellation after 15 minutes past your appointment time. Being late for your appointment puts us behind on our next clients. We can not keep your appointment past 15 minutes.
  10. We are a one on one salon, we groom one pet at a time. Due to our salon size, we ask you come pick your pet up as soon as you are notified within an hour, any longer than an hour, you will be charged a pet sitting fee of $10 every 15 minutes past the hour.
  11.  If you find anything on your pet the needs fixed (ie sticky outties) that we have missed, you will have 48 hours to contact us to get fixed. Anything after 48 hours is no longer fixable.

*We reserve the right to refuse service to any pet or client for any reason.