Frequently Asked Questions

Pets will only be crated if they are waiting for pick up after their appointment, if the groomer is running behind on a previous appointment or if they are aggressive to other animals. 

We do accept pets who may have some aggression. If your dog is likely to bite, for the safety of your pet and our groomers, we may use a soft muzzle. If your pet is too stressed and has become too anxious for grooming or muzzling, we will send your pet home without services being preformed and recommend a vet. The health and happiness of your pet is our number one concern.

No, 99% of cases this makes pets more anxious. They will calm down a lot easier and faster if they can’t see you or smell you. If you are in the room and they are trying to get to you, this makes it dangerous for the pet and the groomer. Our groomers need your pets full attention. 

This all depends on your dogs health. For senior pets we only recommend comfort grooming. Which insists of a short all over cut, it may not be perfect but it will bring them comfort with their age. If your last groomer recommended going to a vet groomer from now on due to your pets health, age and behaviour, then we will also recommend that. The worst decision you can make as a dog gets older is switching groomers over and over again. 

The last thing a groomer wants to do is completely shave your dog in the shortest length possible. We want you to be happy with the style of your dogs cut. You are our walking billboard & canvas. Your pet is our piece of art work. If your dog is severly tangled or matted, yes they will need to be shaved short to get the matting out of the hair. Matted fur does not allow for air circulation or blood flow to the skin. This can cause hot spots, bruising, bacterial and fungus infections. Matted fur also pulls and binds your pets skin and will make it uncomfortable for them to walk, lie down or run. Because of this your dogs skin will become irritated or inflamed after the matting is removed. We always warn our pet parents when their dogs are matted and they do have a choice of leaving their pets or taking them home to see if they can remove the matting. We will not torture any pet for any type of matting. Humanity before vanity will always be our number one rule. 

We would really rather not shave any dog that has a double coat. Single coated dogs are fine to be shaved due to only having on layer coat. Double coated dogs use their fur like a cooler, it insulates them to keep them cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Rarely we will shave a double coated dog if recommended by a vet for a senior pet or a pet that may have skin issues or allergies. Keeping your pet well groomed and maintained during the summer time will help them regulate their body temperatures. Always provide water and shade to any pet if they are outside during summer. If you have shaved your dog in the past and know of all the risks and have done research about the risks involved, we will happily accommodate your request but we will make sure to ask you a couple of times before. It should also be noted that this does not reduce shedding, it only shortens the hair that they are shedding. ALL dogs shed. Cats as well.  

There are a lot of depending factors in grooming of what it will cost. Breed, weight, condition of coat to name a few. Until we see your dog we can not give you a set price.

Our salon is a little different then most, we offer one to one grooming for our pets. This ensures the groomer has their full attention on your pet the entire appointment. This also cuts down on the amount of pets in the salon being groomed at once, which makes it less stressful on your pet. We only work with your pet for the allotted hours given for each appointment. We will text or call as soon as your pet is ready for pick up and you can come get them right away. One thing to note, we do not allow you to leave your pet for more than an hour after their groom time. We have a small space and minimal kennel space available. We want this experience to be as enjoyable as possible and it won’t be if they are waiting for hours after their appointment time in a kennel.  

This all depends on you and your pet, mostly on what type of hair style you would like to keep them in and what maintenance you will be doing at home. Some dogs will be 4-6 weeks, some will be 8-12 weeks. Cats are a little different, it is really based on what you want for your cat. Some parents just do regular cat bathing to help with shedding or if a cat can’t clean itself. Some parents shave their cats in lion cuts one a year at summer. 

Yes, we do require your pet be up to date on their rabies vaccine due to city laws. If your pet is too old for a vaccine, bringing a note from your vet will be acceptable. Puppies do not receive their rabies vaccine until 5 months, they will not need proof. We do not let puppies interact with other pets in the salon. Ask your vet for other vaccines they may recommend.