Policies & Procedures

YXE Pet Parlour has a goal to provide the safest, stress-free, enjoyable grooming experience for you and your pets. We maintain a clean salon and provide the highest standards possible with our grooming and the products we use. Below are some policies we have developed to ensure the safety and happiness of your pets while in our care.

We ask that you have all dogs on leash entering or exiting the salon. Cats must be placed in a soft or hard kennel. This is to ensure the safety of your pet and others. We ask you to arrive 5-10 minutes before your scheduled appointment. Late arrivals will result in $1 for every minute you are late. You will receive a text or call when your pet is ready for pick up. We ask you to pick up your pet as soon as possible within the hour of contact. Late pick ups will result in a late pick up fee of $1 per minute.

A full bladder or bowel can be very uncomfortable for a pet whilst it is being groomed. Please ensure that your pet has been toileted before bringing them to the salon, as we do NOT have the facilities onsite to relieve them.

All dogs are required to be bathed as part of the grooming process, excluding cats. This is not only for the benefit of your pet but also to not damage grooming equipment. Each pet is bathed with a high quality shampoo and blueberry face wash. For pets with allergies, skin issues or other sensitivities, we do offer hypoallergenic shampoo. Clients are welcome to provide any vet prescribed medicated shampoo.

All pets will have their ears cleaned with a mild ear cleaner. If your pet has an ear infection we will let you know so you may consult your vet. Ear hair removal is typically a standard part of the grooming process, if you choose not to have your pets ear hair removed, please let us know.

All nails will be trimmed during the grooming appointment. Dremelling is an add on of $10. We always do the best to trim the nails as short as possible, without hurting your pet. Should your pet show any signs of aggression during the nail trimming process, we will try everything possible to avoid muzzling or stressing out your pet. If they are too stressed we will not be able to complete the nail trimming.

We do NOT perform any anal expression, as this is a medical veterinary practice.

There are many reasons a pet can get matted. When the pets hair becomes tangled or clumped close to the skin, it can pose a health risk for the dog/cat and increase the chance of skin irritation or injury during the grooming process. There is only 1 option when a pet’s coat is deemed matted – shave under the matted portion of hair, leaving the hair shorter but greatly reducing stress on the pet. The dematting process and stripping off the matted coat can be a slow process that takes skill and extra care from our groomers. It is also demanding on our bodies, equipment and often requires sharpening or blades and scissors. Because of this, there are extra fees associated with dematting and clipping of matted coats. Prevention is the best defense by scheduling regular grooming appointments.

We discourage double coated dogs to be shaved. We offer a bath and deshedding service that we urge you to try before opting to shave your dog. The coat may not grow back, grow patchy, cause skin irritation or other conditions.

There are several things to keep in mind when your pet is being groomed. Pets are washed before the groom. A clean pet is easier to groom than a dirty one. Depending on how well your pet handles the dryers, it is difficult to determine how long your pet will take. We aim to have every pet done within a 3 hour window. After your pet dries, the groomer will clip nails, clean ears and begin the grooming process. Some pets may or may not like being brushed and if they have mats it can be time consuming. Mats that are too close to the skin, will need to be cut out for the comfort of your pet. You will always have the opportunity to speak with your groomer when you drop off. Keep in mind there is only so much we can do when a pet has severe matting. If we cannot do what you ask, we will notify you of other options. In some cases, it is best to just start over and put your pet on a good maintenance program. The groomer can speak with you after the groom to give advice on how often you should bring them in, brushes to use and other things to help maintain the coat.

If it is necessary to cancel your grooming appointment, we do ask for a 24 hour notice when possible. Early notification allows us to fill empty appointments with call ins or our wait list. Not notifying us causes the groomer to miss out on appointments they could have otherwise filled and a loss of commission for them. We do understand that unexpected issues occur. 

We charge a fee, 50% of missed appointment cost, for canceling or not showing for your appointment. Continued missed appointments may result in us not taking future appointments for your pet.

Our groomers will always work to give your pet the cut you want, however, keep in mind that your pet’s comfort and health are always our number priority. We will always keep notes on who groomed your pet and what was done for the groom. You are always able to request the same groomer and we recommend staying with the same groomer if you like the way your pet looks. If you are unsatisfied with the groom, please let us know before you leave the salon so we can make any corrections. If changes are requested more than 24 hours after the grooming appointment, there will be an additional charge which may include a rebathing fee.

Your pets safety and wellbeing is our absolute number one priority and every effort will be made to ensure this. We are fully insured and qualified pet groomers. There is always the possibility of cuts, nicks or burns during the grooming process. Some pets are harder to handle than others and accidents can occur. There are also times when mat burns can show after they are shaved out. This is not caused by the groomer being careless but the severity of the mats. We will always do an inspection of your pet upon arrival and in the bathtub. Your groomer will notify you of anything they find during the grooming session. We will notify you and advise you on how to treat these. Injuries caused due to the condition of the dog or cats matting is NOT the responsibility of Pet Parlour and any vet costs due to these are at the pet parents expense. 


Pets can be squirmy and grooming tools are sharp. Although our groomers are extremely cautious, sometimes a pet can get nicked during the grooming process. Most of the time, these nicks are benign and do not require attention from the vet. However, sometimes a nick can turn into a cut that does need attention from a vet. The majority of time our groomers are aware they have nicked a pet. In rare cases, especially if a dog hasn’t bled nor has not shown signs that they were injured, their groomer will not know. You will have 48 hours to inform us of anything you may find. If a groomer is aware that they have nicked or cut a dog, it is Pet Parlour policy to inform you and determine if your pet needs veterinarian assistance. In order for Pet Parlour to assist you with the costs of any veterinarian procedures, your pet must be seen by one of our recommended veterinarians.