Puppies, tips & tricks

Congratulations on your new family member! Normally you will bring your puppy home at 8-10 weeks. They should have their first set of shots. In about a month you will need to bring them in for their next set of shots. This is a great time to start researching groomers in your area. Call around to ask about pricing, availability & suggestions they may have. The sooner you introduce your puppy to grooming the better the experience will be for you & your pup. For their first, we suggest a puppy bath, brush, blow out, nail trimming & ear cleaning. We can also try trimming the face, feet & fanny if the puppy permits it. Their first appointment should be short & sweet, if the grooming salon isn't a one on one like we are, we suggest paying a fee for an express service. Ask your groomer how often you should be returning. For puppies that come to the salon for their first experience 6 months or older, it is more difficult for them to be comfortable while in the salon. They have had little to no experience with clippers or scissors or even people or other pets. This becomes dangerous for the dog & the groomer, especially if the dog is medium or large & the groomer can't settle or calm the dog. I also recommend bringing approved treats your groomer can give your puppy.

The worse decision you can make is taking your puppy to multiple groomers during the first year of it’s life. Your puppy can’t get comfortable in a new salon with a new groomer every time they need to be groomed. Pets thrive on consistency. Drop in visits are a good way to introduce yourself & your pet to your new groomer. Exercising before grooming is a great way to stimulate your pets needs before dropping them off somewhere they may be anxious. A long walk/run or a visit to the dog park will help calm your pet & make the experience less stressful.