Introduction to Grooming for Puppies

We recommend bringing your new puppy to the grooming salon after their second set of shots. For their first visit, our salon will perform what we call, puppies first visit service. This will include a one on one session with the groomer of your choice, full body bath with premium shampoo, blow out, nail trim, ear cleaning & a feet, face, fanny trim. We do not perform haircuts on puppies first visit to the salon We want them to get use to the sounds & smells before pushing them into a haircut. Sometimes we may recommend more than one puppy visit to a puppy that may not be as confident or socialised.

We recommend starting at home getting your puppy desensitized by touching their toes, rubbing in between them, giving lots of treats & praises when they are not reacting & ignore bad habits, like biting or talking. Brush your puppy by letting them sniff your utensils & using them then praising good behaviour. Expose them to sounds like water running, blow dryers, vacuums to get them use to loud noises, always give treats & good praises.

For puppies that will need grooming their entire lives, we ask you bring them to the salon once a month for the first year of their lives. After their first puppy visit, depending on how they do, your next appointment might be a full haircut or another puppy visit. You can alternate between a bath & haircut every other month. Consistency is key whenever training a puppy, doing these will help in your puppies confidence & build trust.

Research a trainer in your area to help you & your puppy become the best pet parent & pet you can be!