Welcome to the Exculsive YXE Pet Parlour

Our salon is a lot different than others. Our chic salon provides one on one grooming appointments. What is this you may ask? Let’s get started! Your pets grooming shouldn’t be a difficult process & we want to help it become easier. We limit the amount of pets we groom in a day & space out appointments. We provide multiple daily timed appointments. Only your pet is with its designated bather/groomer for the allotted amount of time. This reduces stress by them not being kennelled all day waiting for their groomer to finish multiple pets before them. We will contact you as soon as they are ready for pick upWe do ask you come get your pet as soon as possible within the hour we contact you to limit their time in the kennel & as we have limited kennels. 

We use calm & confident energy techniques during their grooms. We continue our education on making the best possible experience. All YXE Parlour Stylists are trained with safety & comfort values. We prioritize communication whether it be for training, day to day grooming, medical conditions & everything in between. We strive to be the best humans we can be for our four legged friends.