Cats & Kitties

Not all cats are good candidates for grooming. It all depends on their stress levels. Most cats, unlike dogs, can't be bribed or compelled into grooming. If your cat is willing to let the stylist groom them these are some helpful tips & knowledge before getting your cat groomed. Always bring cats in a kennel or carrier with a towel or blanket that smells like home for comfort. This will remind them they are just visiting & will be able to go back home soon. Regular nail trims are important to keep their nails short & healthy. Scratch posts help shed layers of nails but they do not shorten the length. Cats should be brushed regularly. Most people think cats groom themselves but this is not always the case. Lots of times a cat may have too much fur & coat to keep up with or they can't reach certain areas. Brushing their coats will help reduce shedding & hairballs. If you choose to shave your cat, your stylist will most likely ask why. Cats are not intended to be shaved unless they can't keep up with regular grooming or they are older. In some cases serve matting can cause cats to be shaved. Cats are shaved in the shortest length, 2mm of length. This is the safest blade to use. Unlike dogs cats have paper like skin & can be injured easily. Cats haircuts are not normally perfectly smooth & you may find some unevenness, this is only because cats don't have tight skin & it is difficult for your stylist to hold on to your cat & pull their skin taut & shave all at the same. If your cat is matted & has to be shaved, there may be bald spotting whenever their hair starts growing back.

We do have dogs & cats in the salon at the same time, if your cat is timid or is not comfortable around dogs then we may not be the right salon for you.